Waxing Kit Medium


Start immediately with this waxing kit containing the exclusive products of Mrs.Highbrow. A black wax heater (with EU-plug) with inner container, Wunderwax Pearls ánd Gold (for face and body), pre & after wax products and 300 spatulas.

  • With EU-plug
  • Professional products
  • Complete set
  • For face & body

Thanks to our ten years of experience in eyebrow styling, Mrs.Highbrow is familiar with the exact requirements that good wax products must meet. This has resulted in a line of unique products that conform to the latest developments. These products are not only very mild, but also very effective. This improves waxing and therefore makes the process faster.

Waxing Kit Medium contains

Mrs.Highbrow’s black wax heater: a simple but high quality wax heater, including inner container. For the experienced brow stylist, but also for the starting beauty therapist.

Mrs.Highbrow Wunderwax Pearls and Gold: transform into a creamy wax after melting. This revolutionary wax based on polymers is a real killer and removes practically every hair.

Oilala Miracle Wax Assistant, 8,45 fl.oz: 100% natural oil based on sandalwood. Specially designed to be used before applying the wax pearls of Mrs.Highbrow. Oilala Miracle Wax Assistant creates a protective layer ensuring that no wax is left on the skin and improving hair removal.

Get Set Pre Epilation Gel, 8,45 fl.oz: makeup and oil residue are history thanks to this refreshing gel. The Get Set Pre Epilation Gel has many nourishing ingredients that prepare a skin for a wax treatment. Ensure that the skin is completely dry after using Get Set.

Cool Down After Epilation Gel, 8,45 fl.oz: a cooling gel consisting of menthol. Provides a pleasantly refreshing feeling and prevents redness and inflamed hair follicles. Exactly what the skin needs after a hair removal treatment.

100 small spatulas: for the removal of hair under the eyebrows

100 medium spatulas: for waxing the upper lip and eyebrows

100 large spatulas: for the upper lip and the entire body