Waxing Kit Large


All exclusive Mrs.Highbrow products in one package. The best wax for brows and body, pre & after wax products and 300 spatulas. The wax heater contains a EU-plug.

  • With EU-plug

The Waxing Large kit contains:

1. Mrs.Highbrow black on black wax heater: a stylish wax heater, including an inner container. Very suitable for a starting eyebrow specialist. It is also easy to take with you when working on location.

2. Wunderwax Gold: golden wax pearls that remove every single hair

3. Wunderwax Pearls: a serial killer for eyebrow hairs, in creamy pearls

4. Pinky Pellets: as mild as Wunderwax, but even more powerful by the addition of titanium dioxide

5. Additional inner container: for easy wax switching

6. Oilala Miracle Wax Assistant, 250 ml: the secretary who will assist during a wax treatment. 100% natural oil based on sandalwood. To be used under all wax pearls of Mrs.Highbrow. Oilala Miracle Wax Assistant creates a protective layer ensuring that no wax is left on the skin and improving hair removal.

7. Get Set Pre Epilation Gel, 200 ml: a refreshing gel that thoroughly cleanses the skin. Make-up and oil residue is history thanks to this product. The perfect preparation for waxing eyebrows or the entire face or body.

8. Cool Down After Epilation Gel, 250 ml: a cooling and refreshing gel. This gel prevents inflamed hair follicles, reduces redness and has a nice, mild scent.

9. Stay Smooth After Epilation Gel, 250 ml: a gel that calms the skin after an eyebrow treatment and makes the skin feel as soft as silk.

10. Spatulas, spatulas and more spatulas. 100 spatulas small: for the removal of hair under the eyebrows. 100 medium spatulas: for the upper lip and eyebrows. 100 spatulas large: for the upper lip and the entire body.