Threading thread



Threading thread for hair removal. Extra large spool of polyester yarn, so it doesn't break quickly while threading eyebrows, lip or other facial hair.

Threaden is an age-old method that has made a huge comeback for a number of years. It is even milder than wax because the skin is not burdened at all. This makes threading suitable for sensitive skin. Threading uses two thin wires that are twisted together and rolled over the skin surface. As a result, unwanted hair is removed from the root in a precise way. That way you get super tight eyebrows.

Threading thread for the entire face

Threading is not only a perfect treatment for tight eyebrows, but you can also depilate the rest of the face with this method. Like the upper lip, the forehead and sideburns. Whether it is painful? This is experienced differently by everyone. In any case, there is a large group of women who prefer threading over waxing or epilating with tweezers. That is why it is a must to manage this technique as an eyebrow stylist.

Course Threading & Henna Brows

Curious about the technique? At Mrs.Highbrow we offer the course Threading & Henna Brows. Threading and henna brows are popular treatments. So as a brow stylist you can't stay behind. Learn it both in one day and leave Mrs.Highbrow with no less than two certificates in your pocket. In order to take part in this course, it is important to be able to create reasonably good brows. The course is for the experienced brow stylist.

During the private training, you will work with one of our top stylists. The technique of threading is extensively practiced and the theory of a perfectly dyed henna eyebrow is also discussed. The course is one-on-one, so you get a lot of attention. During the course you'll practice on two models. Afterward, you will get six more weeks of online coaching.