Starter Kit LashFX Lash Lift



De wimperlift is een razendpopulaire behandeling die niet op het menu van je salon mag ontbreken. Met deze hoogwaardige kit kun je direct aan de slag!

  • Value € 169
  • High quality products
  • Made in the UK

Long lashes without extensions! LashFX lash lifting is the ideal treatment for a powerful but natural look. And a must on the menu of your salon.

Allready a lash lift pro?

Already experienced with lash lifting, but familiar with another brand? Then it is certainly possible to switch to Lash FX. With this kit you can get started right away.

The kits contains...

Total value starter kit €169

- Adhesive
- Lotion 1 (15 stuks)
- Lotion 2 (15 stuks)
- Lotion 3 (15 stuks)
- Lash lifting tool
- Eyepads (15 paar)*
- Applicator wands
- Lifting rods S (5 paar)
- Lifting rods M (5 paar)
- Lifting rods L (5 paar)
- Lash dye black*
- Lash dye blue black*
- Tint developer
- 10 aftercare flyers
- Angled brush with spoolie

* Note: the picture shows 2 types of eyepads, only the regular pads are in the kit. The dye light brown and dark brown are not included in the package, since you only use black or blue black for eyelashes.

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