Spoolie Brush wood & gold


A high-quality spoolie brush with a coated wooden handle and golden details. That makes it a real jewel for the eyebrow specialist. Together with the wooden angled brush, the spoolie brush forms a superset!

In shape with the spool brush wood & gold

This spoolie is easy to use for brushing eyebrows into shape. For example, after applying eyebrow makeup with the Angled Brush wood & gold. The use of the Spoolie Brush wood & gold ensures that the brow shade is evenly distributed. This makes the eyebrow look natural and it often doesn't look as if there is any makeup used. It also ensures that no wild hairs remain visible. The eyebrows will have one tight model. When the brows are in shape, it is recommended to use eyebrow gel. So that the eyebrows remain in shape all day long.