Sample Kit 6x Pomade & Liners


Meet Mrs.Highbrow’s eyebrow pomade. The Pomade Brow Liner in three different shades, and the Eyebrow Pomade in three shades. From blond to dark brown.

This pomade set contains the following 6 products

Eyebrow Pomade Definer: for creating a soft shadow. Or fill in bald spots with this handy eyebrow liner. And you don’t have to be a makeup pro for that, thanks to the thin, soft tip. Take a spoolie or angled brush to blend the color nicely through your eyebrows. In three shades.

Eyebrow Pomade: an all-in-one product for real power brows. Apply with an angled brush. In three shades.

The shades

Both products are available in three shades

Blonde: a beautiful blonde shade. Suitable for light skins and blonde brows.

Soft/Dark Brown: perfect for light to medium skin, and light to dark eyebrows.

Chocolate: warm dark brown color. For medium to dark skin tones, and anyone who likes dark brows.