Pre & aftercare set


Mrs.Highbrow’s care favorites in one handy set. Prepare eyebrows for waxing or threading with Get Set, wipe away residue using Wax Away, and use Stay Smooth to soothe and nourish the skin. Sheer indulgence.

  • Contents: 3x 100 ml

The Pre- and Aftercare set from Mrs.Highbrow Professional makes a wax or threading treatment even more effective and comfortable. It is after all very important to cleanse the skin deeply before engaging in hair removal, but also to care for the skin afterward, thereby preventing inflammations and skin irritation.

Pre- and aftercare set contents

Get Set Pre Epilation Gel: a refreshing gel that deep cleanses and soothes the skin. Grime and residue of make-up and grease will be a thing of the past thanks to this product. The perfect preparation for waxing, or threading eyebrows, or the entire face or body. And also ideal to use before tinting your eyebrows with Brow Henna or regular tints such as Lash FX. You can also use Get Set to cleanse the skin when needed during a treatment session. Be sure to dry your skin completely after using this gel.

Wax Away After Epilation Oil: This mild oil removes left-over wax from the skin in an instant, and soothes and nourishes the skin after a wax treatment. With a wonderful scent of musk rose and tea tree. Prefer using this product when tinting? Be sure to wipe off any oil from the skin completely, otherwise, the tint will not take.

Stay Smooth After Epilation Lotion: The icing on the cake after any hair removal session. Suitable for all skin types (and all parts of the body). The lotion reduces irritation and visible redness and is mildly perfumed for a luxurious and professional spa experience.