Dyōtics Skin Prep Lotion


The cleaner the skin, the easier you can apply brow henna. And the longer the color will last. Dyōtics Skin Prep cleansing lotion gently cleans the skin, thanks to tea tree oil and aloe vera.

  • Mild but effective
  • Handy spay
  • For henna and regular dye
  • The best preparation

Get ready, get set... Dyōtics Skin Prep Lotion

By treating the eyebrows beforehand with a cleansing lotion, you ensure that the henna can produce the best results. The cleaner the skin, the better the henna will be applied. And the longer the henna lasts. With the Dyōtics Skin Prep Lotion, you can easily remove dirt such as grease and make-up. To give your customers a professional eyebrow treatment.