Dyotics Tint Remover


A must have, even for the best brow queen. Since henna brows become even sharper with Dyotics Tint Remover. Also suitable for regular dye like Lash FX and Refectocil.

  • 5.1 fl.oz
  • For cleaner lines
  • Removes stain spots effectively
  • For all kind of brow dyes

With Dyōtics Tint Remover you can quickly and effectively remove stains that have been developed on the skin during tinting the eyebrows or eyelashes. In addition, you can also make eyebrows lighter, which have accidentally turned out to be too dark!

How to use Dyōtics Tint Remover

• Drop some tint remover on a cotton swab and make the just tinted henna brows even sharper by the following contour of the eyebrow.
• Brighten slightly too dark tinted eyebrows with Dyōtics Tint Remover. Easily put some remover on a cotton swab and take the cotton swab over the eyebrow.
• Only want to dye the eyebrow hairs? Tint remover can also be used to remove the tint on the skin underneath the eyebrow.

Whoopsie, a little too dark?

It may occur you tinted someone eyebrows, however she’s freaking out by the colour! She thinks it’s way too dark! Not your fault, your client might have something else in her mind. Or the two of you just a had a little misunderstanding. But whatever it is, you have to do something, right! Try to remove the color as much as possible with tint remover. Doesn’t this trick do the job? Then more powerful recourses are permitted. Use some Refectocil Blond and apply it to the eyebrows. The tint sometimes has to retract 15-20 to remove the color from the brows. But check every 5 minutes. And beware: if you bleach the brows completely, they can become reddish. So decolourising the eyebrows is really an emergency plan. And sometimes it takes a few minutes to just get the hardness off.