Dyōtics Brow Henna Starter Kit


Stunning, long-lasting eyebrows in one set. The Dyotics Brow Henna starter kit contains 6 beautiful shades, from blonde to black. Plus: Cleansing Lotion, Tint Remover, Mapping Thread and angled brush.

Tip: order the online course Henna Brows, a Dyotics Starter Kit and certificate included.

Now with the brand new shade Hazelnut!

  • 200-250 treatments
  • Easy-to-use
  • 6 beautiful shades
  • EU compliant
  • Tattoo effect up to 14 day
  • The next generation in brow tinting

• Stains the skin for 5-14 days.
• No fixing lotions needed. You only have to mix the henna with water
• The henna paste does not harden and is therefore easy to remove from the skin with a damp cotton pad
• Dyotics’ henna shades of colors do not turn red
• Dyotics tint remover can also be used in combination with regular dye
• Ideal for the dark skin tones thanks to the henna tint Raven

Unboxing Dyotics Brow Henna Starters Kit

  • Honey: a warm blonde flavor for beautiful eyebrows on the light skin
  • Taupe: to provide blonde to dark-blond eyebrows with a beautiful colour
  • Hazelnut: for red to medium brown hairs on the light to slightly tinted skin
  • Natural Brown: natural-looking eyebrows on the light to slightly tinted skin
  • Ash Brown: a beautiful brownish shade for brows on the tinted to dark skin
  • Raven: our darkest version, perfect for the dark skin
  • Skin Prep Lotion: to get the eyebrows as clean as possible before a treatment
  • Tint Remover: to easily correct any mistakes
  • Angled brush: qualitative brush to apply the henna properly