Cool Down After Epilation Gel 3,4 fl.oz


Cooling gel with menthol, for a fresh and tingling sensation. Perfect to use after waxing or threading. In addition, Cool Down After Epilation Gel prevents redness and inflamed hair follicles.

  • 3,4 fl.oz
  • For face and body
  • The necessary cooling for the skin
  • Targets redness and inflamed hair follicles

Cool Down After Epilation Gel is the finishing touch of any wax or threading treatment. The gel contains menthol, for a fresh sensation. Any redness fades away sooner, hair doesn't grow back as quickly, and it prevents inflamed hair follicles. Suitable for the whole face and body.

Bye, bye left-over wax

Any wax left on the skin? Then wipe it away first, using Wax Away After Epilation Oil or Oil LaLa Miracle Wax Assistant. This second oil is also the one you use before you start waxing. The wax leaves a protective layer on the skin, making waxing work better and stressing the skin less. Multifunctional, then.

7 benefits of Cool Down After Epilation Gel

  • Gives a fresh, tingling sensation: just what skin yearns for
  • Makes sure hair doesn’t grow back so quickly
  • Prevents follicle inflammation
  • Prevents redness of the skin
  • Is economical in use
  • Has a lovely, fresh scent
  • Suitable for both face and body