Barbicide Table Jar


This Barbicide Table Jar is suitable for small instruments such as tweezers and eyebrow scissors. But also ideal for tools of the manicure and pedicure, such as files and tongs. To disinfect small objects quickly and easily.

  • 4,1 fl.oz
  • Efficient cleaning
  • Convenient size for your work table
  • Made of durable stainless steel

With the Barbicide Table Jar you show your customers how hygienic you work. That is why you should put it on your work table in a visible place. But it is also super handy. Because Barbicide disinfects all your tools in no time.

For the super pro

Whether you are an eyebrow specialist, nail stylist, pedicurist or hairdresser, hygiene comes first. And so it is necessary to thoroughly disinfect your tools after each treatment. The Barbicide Mini Bottle is perfect for this. Large enough for small tools. Tools of the hairdresser and barber, such as scissors and knives, can be better in the medium Barbicide Disinfecting Jar.

About the Barbicide Table Jar

Enhance the ease of your hygiene regime with the Barbicide® manicure table jar, a must for all professional nail technicians. This high-quality manicure jar is made from long-lasting stainless steel, making it the perfect container to use during disinfecting. Great for cleaning implements such as scissors, clippers and cuticle nippers. We recommend placing a cotton pad at the bottom of the jar during disinfecting to prevent the blunting of instruments.