Barbicide Concentrate


Barbicide concentrate liquid for the Barbicide table jar or medium jar. Disinfectant for instruments, such as tweezers and scissors.

  • 1,9 liter
  • Bacteria and virus killer
  • The best in disinfectants
  • Easy to use

Barbicide Concentrate is a disinfectant that works in 30 seconds. It kills bacterium and virus. Disinfects tweezers, scissors, brushes, and other tools. Use the Barbicide diluted in the immersion glass or the immersion heater.

From brow pro to hairdresser

Whether you are an eyebrow specialist, nail stylist, pedicure or hairdresser, hygiene goes above all else. And so it is important to thoroughly clean your instruments after each treatment. “Just” cleaning is not enough. With disinfection, you go one step further. You prevent instruments and tools such as tweezers, scissors, nail tongs and combs from becoming a source of contamination. With the chance that your customers get a disease in your salon.