Online Course Browstylist


Become a brow stylist and learn all the basics you need to create perfect brows. This course contains all the theory you need to start and is available in Dutch or English. Includes an instructional video, certificate, starter kit (value € 169) and 6 months of online coaching by top stylist Francien.

For every beautician who can use some extra training when it comes to eyebrow styling. Step by step we teach you everything you need to know to create the most beautiful eyebrows. In addition to the theory, there is an instructional film in which our head of training Francien shows you in detail how a treatment waxing and painting works. At the end of the training you take an exam. If you pass this, you will receive a nice certificate sent to you, along with your starter package. And don't be afraid not to pass it all at once, because you can retake as many times as you want until you pass.

Of course we also know: there is nothing like a real life training. But we are sure that you have the basics after the online course. Then the practice is blown. Do you still have questions after this training? We are here to answer them!

The course contains...

- How to take a consultation interview
- What is hot film wax?
- Waxing step-by-step
- Cutting the eyebrows
- Choosing the right color dye
- How do you apply eyebrow dye?
- Good hygiene
- Aftercare
- Pricing

Starter kit included

Plus a Mrs.Highbrow waxing kit (value € 169).

- Mrs. Highbrow Wax Heater
- Spatulas S, M & Large
- Wunderwax Pearls 750 grams
- Get Set Pre Epilation Gel 100 ml
- Cool Down After Epilation Gel 100 ml
- Oil Lala Miracle Wax Assistant 250 ml
- Gold Mrs. Highbrow scissors
- Gold Mrs. Highbrow tweezers
- Angled Brush with spoolie
- Lash FX eyebrow tint Light Brown + Dark Brown
- LashFX Developer
- Dyotics Tint Remover
- Mixing dish
- Brow Marker Pen



Brow specialist

Mrs.Highbrow's main trainer. Who not only treats eyebrows with love in the salon and manages the team, but also regularly shares her knowledge and experiences during one of our courses. Ever since she was eighteen, she has been a part of the beauty industry, and since 2017 she has been building her own fan base at Mrs.Highbrow.

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