Masterclass Browstyling


Learn to style eyebrows even better during this perfection training. Especially for the experienced brow stylist who wants to take her work to the next level. Including Mrs.Highbrow makeup set (value € 209).

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You have previously followed the course Browstylist at Mrs.Highbrow and want to improve your technique. Or you have been working as an eyebrow stylist for a number of years, but have the idea that your work could be better. Then register for this master class. Learn how to wax or thread even better, and make the eyebrows flawless with Mrs.Highbrow makeup. This course is therefore intended to perfect the technique that is already mastered. Are you currently a waxing specialist, but would you like to learn the technique of threading? Then register for the course Threading of Threading & Henna Brows.

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Dit leer je allemaal tijdens de perfectietraining

De masterclass Browstylist is een hele ochtend of middag. Je krijgt les van head of training Francien en oefent op één model. Tijdens de cursus krijg je veel persoonlijke aandacht en is er veel ruimte tot het stellen van vragen. Na afloop krijg je een certificaat en nog 6 maanden coaching, via mail of WhatsApp.

Inhoud training

  • Beter waxen of threaden
  • Strakker wenkbrauwverf aanbrengen
  • Een flawless finishing touch met brow make-up
  • Je werkt perfect fotograferen

De Masterclass Browstylist vindt plaats in Duivendrecht, net buiten Amsterdam. Makkelijk bereikbaar per auto vanaf de ring A10 (en gratis parkeren) en met OV.



Brow specialist

Mrs.Highbrow's main trainer. Who not only treats eyebrows with love in the salon and manages the team, but also regularly shares her knowledge and experiences during one of our courses. Ever since she was eighteen, she has been a part of the beauty industry, and since 2017 she has been building her own fan base at Mrs.Highbrow.

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