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The lash lift is a popular treatment that should not be missed on the menu of your salon. During this course, you will learn all the tricks of Mrs.Highbrow with the number 1 lash lift products from Lash FX. Including starter kit (value €169).

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The volume lash lift is a treatment in which you give your client’s natural eyelashes curl, lift and more volume. Result: they look much longer. The treatment is suitable for all types and length of lashes and uses silicone pads. Lash lifting by means of silicone pads is not harmful to the eyelashes and gives full nourishment from the hair root. A lash lift treatment takes 45 to a maximum of 60 minutes and you can ask between € 45 (without dyeing the eyelashes) up to € 70 (with dyeing), depending on the price level in your salon. Please note: the standard language in which this course is given is Dutch. On request, the course can also be given in English. Please contact us before booking!

Cursus Mrs Highbrow Lash Lift wimperlift lifting

Mrs.Highbrow x Lash FX

At Mrs.Highbrow we have been carrying out the lash lift treatment for a long time with great success. It is a great addition to the shaping of eyebrows. From our students, there was more and more demand for a lash lifting course. But first, we wanted to find a product that we fully support. After a lot of testing, we finally found the best of the best: the English brand Lash FX. Mrs.Highbrow's stylists were an immediate fan! It is a high-quality and safe brand, of which we can now call ourselves trainer and distributor. Lash FX meets all strict European requirements. And works quickly and efficiently.

MRSHIGHBROW lash lift lash FX wimperlift starterspakket cursus

The Mrs.Highbrow Lash Lift course includes

• Lash FX starter kit (€ 169)

• Product use

• Mrs.Highbrow certificate

• Manual Lash FX

Your Lash FX kit contains

  • 15x Lash FX step 1, step 2, step 3
  • Lash lift adhesive
  • 6 pairs of lifting rods
  • Applicator stick
  • Lash lift tool
  • Brush
  • 10 spoolies
  • 100 Microbrushes
  • Eyelash tint and fixing lotion
  • 12 pairs of gel pads
  • 25 Aftercare flyers

Course lash lifting

During the training Mrs.Highbrow Lash Volume Lift, you will learn all about this unique method to lift, curl and volume natural lashes. You will learn the theory, get an explanation about the products and practice on a model.

  • Half-day training (approx. 3 hours)
  • Theory
  • Product information
  • Lash Lift demonstration
  • Practice on one model
  • A maximum of 4 students



Brow specialist

Cathy Trainer Mrs Highbrow course