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Henna Brows are here to stay. So sign up for this course and learn the theory and practice of one of Mrs.Highbrow's masters. Dyōtics Starter Kit (value €129), certificate and 6 months of online coaching included.

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Intensive workshop

As an eyebrow stylist, you’d do well to include this treatment in your list of services. But not before you’ve completed a workshop, because the way eyebrow henna works is slightly different from using regular dye. It is also a more meticulous job. We offer the practical henna brows course in which we teach you everything there is to know about beautiful brows with brow henna. It is a short but intensive workshop for the experienced eyebrow stylist who doesn’t want to fall behind. Waxing and threading is not something we cover during this workshop; it is assumed that you have already mastered at least one of these techniques. If you do not have much experience as an eyebrow stylist, we recommend you first register for the basic course Brow Stylist.

Course content Henna Brows

During the Henna Brows course, you will learn all about the effects of eyebrow henna and when to use which shade. You will learn how to measure the eyebrows well and how to apply the dye perfectly. All this theory you put into practice on one model. In addition, you will learn how to photograph the results as well as possible. So you can take perfect photos for social media.

  • All tips & tricks of henna brows
  • Certificate of Mrs.Highbrow
  • 6 months of online coaching
  • Maximum of 3 participants
  • Practice on 1 model

You will receive a starter kit that contains everything you need to provide all your customers with perfect henna brows. Namely 5 different shades of henna dye, the necessary tools, and the right care.

The course includes...

  • 5 shades of Dyōtics brow henna
  • Skin Prep Lotion
  • Henna Tint Remover
  • Angled brush
  • Certificate
  • 6 weeks of online coaching
Mrs Highbrow Amsterdam academy cursus henna brows

Also learn how to thread?

Are you an experienced brow specialist and would you also like to learn how to thread? Book the training Threading & Henna Brows. A course for the advanced eyebrow specialist. Threading and henna brows are popular treatments. So as a brow stylist, it's a good idea to master both techniques. The condition for being able to participate in this training is that you can already create reasonably good brows.



Brow specialist

Mrs.Highbrow's main trainer. Who not only treats eyebrows with love in the salon and manages the team, but also regularly shares her knowledge and experiences during one of our courses. Ever since she was eighteen, she has been a part of the beauty industry, and since 2017 she has been building her own fan base at Mrs.Highbrow.

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