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Do you want to improve your brow styling skills? The course brow stylist is an intensive training, by one of our top stylists.

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The course Brow stylist is a basic course for beauticians, hairdressers or make-up artists, who want to improve their brow skills. During this course, you will learn to wax, tweeze, cut, tint and perfect with eyebrow makeup. Please note: the standard language in which this course is given is Dutch. On request, the course can also be given in English. Please contact us before booking!

Course content

During the Brow Stylist course, you will be given the tools for perfect eyebrow waxing with spatulas and hot film wax. The private training is given in our cozy office in De Pijp. So you will get the atmosphere of Mrs.Highbrow with you, too. Remember that after training you have to practice a lot to become a real pro. In any case, it is useful if you already have some experience in the beauty industry, for example as a beauty specialist, eyelash stylist or make-up artist. After all, you will not become an eyebrow stylist in one day. As an extra helping hand you get 6 months of online coaching and of course, you will receive a certificate afterward. The course is with a maximum of two students and always with two trainers. In other words, one-to-one. So that you get all the attention.

  • Theory of the modern eyebrow
  • Theory waxing, cutting, tinting, makeup
  • Product information
  • Practicing on two models
  • The finishing touch: how to create beautiful power brows with eyebrow makeup?
  • Finally: how do make sure your own eyebrows look as good as possible? After all, they are your best promotion!

Course information

During this private training to become a brow stylist, you will learn how to wax and dye well. Of course, you may also want to learn henna brows and threading. But that is what the 'Advanced Training Henna Brows' or 'Threading & Henna Brows' is meant for. There are plenty of training locations that offer everything in one day. But our experience is that is it way too much to learn all these skills in one day. That is why we have chosen to focus on waxing, dyeing, and makeup during the basic course brow stylist. So that you at least have a good command of the basic techniques. Afterward, you can specialize in henna and threading.

Your starter kit of € 175 includes

  • Wax heater
  • Eyebrow scissors
  • Golden tweezer
  • Spoolies
  • Angled brushes in three sizes
  • Hot film wax
  • Pre & after care products
  • Two shades of eyebrow dye and side-products
  • Spatulas in three sizes
Mrs Highbrow Amsterdam academy cursus henna brows

What to expect

The Browstylist course is an intensive training course in which not one model, but two models are practiced. After receiving the certificate, you can start styling perfect eyebrows. At least you have all the tips & tricks for the base.

  • One day of training (from 10.00 to approx. 17.00)
  • Practice on two models (self-regulation)
  • The use of all materials
  • Lunch on the course day
  • 6 months of online coaching
  • Mrs.Highbrow certificate



Brow specialist

Mrs.Highbrow's main trainer. Who not only treats eyebrows with love in the salon and manages the team, but also regularly shares her knowledge and experiences during one of our courses. Ever since she was eighteen, she has been a part of the beauty industry, and since 2017 she has been building her own fan base at Mrs.Highbrow.

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