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Specialist in the Spotlight: Sunseeree

Beauty by Sunseeree

In the section 'Specialist in the Spotlight', we talk to brow professionals who have followed a training course at Mrs.Highbrow. How they came into this industry and what have they already achieved? Let’s start with eyebrow fan Sunseeree, from Brabant.

How would you describe yourself?

“Like a chaotic mother who loves good food, is passionate about her work, keeps developing with a positive outlook and takes life with a touch of humor.”

Where did your passion for eyebrows come from?

"At the age of thirteen, I started plucking eyebrows. I found it so fascinating that I continued to experiment endlessly with makeup and eyebrow shapes and was always up to date with the latest trends. Yes, I too had the thin line that Christina Aguilera walked around when she was just starting her career, luckily hairs are growing back again … Nowadays it gives me a lot of satisfaction if I can make other women happy with my advice and treatments, which also ensures that my passion for the profession remains to grow.”

Why a course at Mrs.Highbrow?

“Mrs.Highbrow was the first brow bar in the Netherlands. How cool! I have a lot of respect for women entrepreneurs and Mrs.Highbrow immediately radiated knowledge and professionalism. I really enjoyed the course enormously. There is plenty of time and attention for each other, a nice theory part and good demonstrations and guidance. And the atmosphere was great; it felt more like a party than a course. It made me so excited! Mrs.Highbrow is a nice, educational and reliable supplier for me. ”

What makes this career so nice?

“The diversity and taste differences. Every face and every wish is different, that makes the profession enormously fun and challenging. I think it is fantastic to advise people and show them something different from what they are used to. Eyebrows do so much for your appearance, that a small adjustment can already lead to a completely different perspective. The result can sometimes be surprising. And that also makes it a bit exciting for the customer. ”

The atmosphere was great; it felt more like a little party than a course

What is your favorite treatment?

“Cutting the eyebrows, waxing, tweezing and perfecting with make-up. By following these steps, you can achieve the best results. After the treatment, I enjoy giving my clients tips on how they can best draw their eyebrows. with makeup. ”

What is an indispensable product?

“Ooh, that’s a tough one. As far as the tools are concerned, I absolutely can’t do without the scissors and the Rubis tweezers. In addition, I use Mrs.Highbrow’s eyebrow pencils almost daily in the salon. These natural shades ensure fine pigmentation.”

Which statement from a customer will you always remember?

“I am often told that they are very happy with the result and that they regularly receive compliments about their eyebrows in their environment. But once someone said:” First I had someone else do my eyebrows, but that was nothing special. This “This is really special. I will definitely come back for this.” Another customer once said: “Since I have been coming to you, I have been increasingly aware of my appearance and eyebrows. From now on you`re the only one allowed to touch them” It’s great to hear that I have been able to give my clients the confidence to raise their eyebrows. After all, a brow specialist works just like the hairdresser. Once you’ve found a good one, you stay.”

I hope my little daughter will be standing next to me in the salon later on. That would be great

What is your brow quote?

“Eyebrows on fleek. Easy, right?”

What else would you like to learn?

“I would like to learn more about brow mapping so that it becomes even easier to create clean lines and achieve the perfect result.”

How do you see yourself in the future?

“Recently I not only have a beauty salon in Etten-Leur, but also a makeup studio. Here I am planning to give workshops and courses. My work is now very varied and I want to keep it that way. I hope that I will only grow. A larger space, more people inspire. And I hope that my daughter wants to stand next to me in the salon later on. That would be great.”

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