The perfect eyebrows in 3 simple steps

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After customers leave the salon you want their brows to look flawless everyday. Help your clients maintain their brows on a daily basis with an easy go to brow makeup look. And guess what? When you book your (Online) Brow Stylist Course you will receive from us a free kit with Mrs.Highbrow MakeUp Essentials.

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Our simple 3 step make-up ritual is everything your clients need in between treatments.
It consists of the steps:
Color, Set & Highlight !

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Mrs.Highbrow Micro Brow Liner is very multifunctional. With the ultra-thin tip you can fill in sparse areas with natural lines. Available in two beautiful ashy tones which will match any brow color.

How to use

This one is perfect for thin and sparse eyebrows! Use short strokes following natural hairs. With the ultra thin tip, you can create light, feathered strokes that will help to create a fuller brow effect. Use the spoolie for an even more natural look.



On-trend and in high demand: Brow Soap! Why? You'll achieve the popular brushed up look and set the brows for up to 24 hours. It will even hold through sweaty skin.

How to use

Dampen the brush with water or Mrs.Highbrow Rosewater Mist. Next, gently run the dampened brush over the soap, going back and forth a few times to gather a bit of product. Keep in mind that less is more to start with, and you’re better off layering on more soap as you go. Try to focus on getting the product on your brows alone. If you get some on your foundation it can mix with the formula and cause it to get patchy or fade throughout the day. Applied a little too much? Hold the rod of the spoolie horizontally under the eyebrow and push it upwards, tightly over the brow and skin to remove the excess of brow soap.

It’s time to create the appearance of fluffy, full eyebrows. Use your spoolie or brush to brush up your eyebrows—then backcomb them back down again. Repeat this process to fluff and style your brows until you’re satisfied with their appearance.

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Highlighting Duo Brow Pencil is a double-sided pencil to apply under the eyebrows and make them look even more beautiful and sharper. It is available in two shades, warm and cool.

How to use

First use the matt side of the highlighter to underline the brow shape. Apply the color under the brow and blend it in with Mrs.Highbrow blending brush. Next use the shimmer side of the pencil to highlight the eye arch.

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