New: Dyōtics in a jar

Dyotics brow henna potjes

We proudly present: Dyōtics Brow Henna in bottles. To bring you more comfort.

Price bottle, cup, measuring spoon and pipet: € 17.95. The price of a starter kit remains the same: € 99. With 5 colors of henna, Skin Prep Lotion, Tint Remover, and angled brush. We skipped the mapping thread, since we found out that there are also a lot of brow bosses who prefer brow mapping cream. Both are available in our webshop.

Made for succes

At Mrs. Highbrow, we know from experience that the life of a brow stylist isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Eyebrow treatments are time-consuming and less rewarding other beauty treatments. Which is why it’s important to save time and money. Both are combined in Dyotics Brow Henna. The henna is competitively priced so that the price of a henna treatment is low. And because the henna has a short application time, you can treat more customers. Nobody wants to spend an hour on henna brows, right?

Why you should go for Dyōtics Brow Henna

• Competitively priced. For just € 17.95, you can beautify 40 to 50 eyebrows - if you don’t make too much paste in one go, but calculate how much you need so that nothing is wasted. This means half a scoop of powder mixed with about 15 drops of water. It’s better to make slightly too little and add some more than to waste your precious henna.

• No fixing lotions needed.
You can mix Dyōtics brow henna with regular tap water. Every package contains a pipette so that you can add drops of water. Half a scoop of powder mixed with about 15 drops of water. Is the paste too liquid? Let it rest for about 5 minutes before beginning.

• Cool and cold shades.
Western women love cold shades, especially when it comes to their eyebrows. As a brow stylist, you know that all too well. Dyōtics offers 5 cold colors, from bold to black. With the 'Raven' shade, Dyōtics is also usable for the darker skin tones. But you can also use this color to make other colors slightly darker. Note: the darker the color, the higher the chance to allergies. Always apply a patch test, especially when working with Ash Brown or Raven.

• The henna paste doesn't harden.
Some brow henna products become very hard and therefore difficult to remove from the skin and hair. Dyotics brow henna doesn’t become extremely hard, which makes it easy to remove from the skin with a moist cotton swab. Note: the more water you add to the henna and the longer you leave it on the skin, the harder it gets.

Contents Dyōtics Brow Henna package

Dyōtics Brow Henna is packed in bottles and sachtes of 5 grams. The sachets are packed in a recloseable zip bag. The advantage of this is that the henna is air- and light-proofed, which ensures a longer shelf life. After you have opened the bag, you can choose to leave the powder in the sachet or pour it into the supplied plastic jar or a jar that you still have. This way of packaging ensures that the henna can be offered cheaply. But of course, we want to make it as easy as possible for you. That is why we now have Dyōtics available in bottles.

From a good beginning to a good end

Heel belangrijk is dat de wenkbrauwen goed schoon zijn als je gaat verven met wenkbrauwhenna. Want als er nog een vettig laagje op de huid zit, hecht de henna niet goed aan de huid. Dyōtics Prep & Clean is een lotion op basis van tea tree olie en aloë vera, en verwijdert olie en make-upresten op milde wijze, zonder vettig laagje achter te laten. Zo gaat het verven veel makkelijker. Of je nu met brow henna of gewone verf zoals Lash FX werkt. Na of tijdens het verven zet je de puntjes op de i met Dyōtics Tintremover. Neem een wattenstaafje en druppel er wat remover op en ga langs de wenkbrauwen om de lijnen nog strakker te maken. Met de tintremover kun je overigens ook wenkbrauwen lichter maken die per ongeluk te donker zijn uitgevallen.

Nice priced Dyōtics starter kit

All five of the brow henna colors, cleaning lotion and shade remover, as well as an angled brushes. All these products are included in the Dyotics Starter Package. A kit fit to start using immediately. The package has a total value of €135 but is on offer for just € 99.

But we love Supercilium Brow Henna

Are you already using Supercilium Brow Henna to your satisfaction? No worries, we just continue to sell this. Because we are also still a fan of Supercilium. Here you can find the range of Supercilium products.