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Time to clean: Barbicide

Mega clean brow tools in no time. That is exactly what we want as brow stylists and what our eyebrow lovers appreciate, right? Show how hygienically you work with Barbicide. The mini bottle is so compact that you can easily put it on your work table. It is time to provide every beauty of a hygienic treatment!

Mrs Highbrow Barbicide set

The total package

Barbicide is also available in a package: the Barbicide Kit. This kit includes the mini bottle, concentrated liquid, and a cleaning spray and is available for € 33,95 (instead of € 38,85). Once you go for clean, you better become a professional cleaner. The table jar (in mini) is especially for small tools, such as tweezers and eyebrow scissors. But it is also ideal for tools for manicure and pedicure. To quickly disinfect and continue with instruments that look unused. You can fill the Barbicide table jar and disinfection jar with concentrated liquid. This one already works as a thorough disinfector within half a minute. Are there tools left over that do not fit into the jars? No problem. With the Barbicide spray, you can easily disinfect these instruments. And if you are doing anyway, you can also use the spray for disinfecting surfaces such as treatment chairs and furniture.

Tip: put the mini jar on your worktable and your clients can see how hygienic you work
Barbicide dompelaar 630 ml

The bigger, the better

This jar is larger than the mini bottle: ideal to clean up many eyebrow tools. Tasty time-saving! Although time won’t be a problem, because the tools will already be bacteria and virus free within 30 seconds. Yes, you can hear that well. The disinfection jar is not only suitable for eyebrow treatments, but also for the hairdresser, manicure and pedicure. Contents: 750 ml.