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Henna brows have made huge advances in recent years. And there are more and more brands on the market that focus on henna. At Mrs.Highbrow we developed a great brow henna product especially for the professional brow stylist: Dyotics Brow Henna. To make the most flawless brows: read this Henna Brow step-by-step plan and everything you need to know about the product.

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What Is Brow Henna?

Brow henna is a product based on Indian henna. Color pigments have been added to give the henna a beautiful light to dark brown color. Because if you work with pure henna, you will eventually get a reddish print on the skin. That is, for example, the result with traditional henna decorations in many Eastern countries. In addition, the color pigments ensure that the henna draws into the skin more quickly. So you do not have to wait for hours, as is the case with pure henna. Brow henna is therefore never pure nature, which some brands also claim.

How long is brow henna visible?

As we said earlier, brow henna stains the skin for five to fourteen days. How long this will be exactly, depends on a number of factors. The result usually disappears faster on an oily skin. Just like make-up disappears earlier from an oily skin. But also when you use a lot of cleaning products, the effect fades earlier. How long you enjoy it, therefore, differs per person. Because of this, never make a promise as an eyebrow specialist. But let your customer know that it depends on the experience of her first time. An advice to enjoy it for as long as possible is to clean the eyebrows as little as possible and to wet them.

Cleanness above everything

The cleaner the skin, the better the henna can penetrate the skin. By scrubbing the eyebrows in advance, you remove dead skin cells and the dye can do its job better. Therefore, it is useful to ask if the customer wants to scrub her skin the evening or morning before the treatment.

The Dyotics Henna Brow Guide

Step 1: patch test

Just like normal eyebrow and hair dye, people can be allergic to eyebrow henna. Therefore always do a patch test if a customer wants a henna treatment for the first time. Put a speck of henna on her arm, let it retract and remove after 15 minutes. If the customer does not have an allergic reaction within 48 hours, you can use Dyotics Brow Henna careless next time. This also applies to other henna brands. It is handy to ask at the first time if your client wants to visit a few days before her first treatment.

Step 2: first shaping

With Dyotics Brow Henna you can create super-tight brows. But only when the eyebrows are well depilated of course. Thread or wax the brows first. For example with Mrs.Highbrow Wunderwax. This soft pearl or golden wax can be applied with a spatula. You do not have to use strips, because you can remove the wax easily when it is hardened. Therefore, you can lay it flat against the eyebrow. For the tightest results.

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Step 3: choose the color

Dyotics Brow Henna is available in various shades, from blond to almost black. Take a good look at which color suits your customer, and discuss the wishes very well. It is difficult to determine exactly in advance how a color will develop. This is dependent on skin type. For that reason, it’s better not to go too dark the first time. Repeat the process rather than having a disgruntled customer who finds her eyebrows too dark. You can slightly soften the color with Tint Remover. But remember that Brow Henna has just been developed for a long-lasting result, so you do not brush it off easily.

• Honey: honey blonde color, for the light to medium-tinted skin and blonde to dark blonde eyebrows. Depending on the undertones of skin, the color may turn warmer or cooler.
• Taupe: a light, golden brown tint. Wonderful for redheads. Perfect for light to medium skin and anyone with cool eyebrows less beautiful.
• Natural Brown: dark as blond / brown, cooler and darker than Blonde. Perfect for medium skin and blonde to dark-blonde brows.
• Dark Brown: nicely dark brown color, not too warm but certainly not too cool. Perfect for the tinted skin tone and blonde to dark-blond eyebrows.
• Raven: an intense ashy brown color. Especially for the tinted to dark skin tone. And anyone who loves dark eyebrows!

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Step 4: blend

Mix one scoop of henna powder with 12-15 drops of warm to hot water. Mix until an evenly and smooth substance has formed. Let the paste for a few minutes to thicken. The henna paste should not be too fluid if you apply it! If you do this, there is a chance that the color will turn yellowish green.

Step 5: cleanse the skin

Make the eyebrows oil-free with a cotton pad with Dyotics Skin Prep Lotion.Prep Lotion. The cleaner the skin the better the henna will stay on the skin. Then dry the skin well.

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Step 6: apply Dyotics Brow Henna

Apply the henna with an angled brush. The Dyotics Starter Kit contains a perfect eyebrow brush. Or use a Mrs.Highbrow angled brush. Stamp and press the henna into the skin and make sure the henna is evenly on the skin. Start at the last part of the eyebrows, and work forward. Make sure the entire eyebrow is covered with a thick layer of henna paste. All skin must be covered.

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Step 7: correct

By applying Brow Henna with a slanted brush, you can work extremely precisely. Remove small irregularities with a cotton swab with tint remover. Finally, tighten the eyebrow with a cotton swab with a tint remover or water.

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Step 8: develop time

The best result is achieved when the brow henna retracts for at least 20 minutes. The longer the paint absorbs, the deeper it penetrates into the skin and the longer it lasts. Are you afraid that eyebrows become too intense? Take a light color and stick to the contact time, instead of letting a darker color retract longer. In the latter case, your customer will enjoy it for a shorter time.

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Step 9: remove the front part

The most beautiful eyebrow is an eyebrow with an ombre effect. Whether it is applying make-up, permanent make-up or eyebrow henna. In other words, the eyebrow goes from light to dark. That is why you remove the attack earlier. After 5 to 10 minutes. Use a damp, not too wet cotton pad, with plain water.

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Step 10: remove the rest of the henna

After another 15 to 20 minutes, you can remove the rest of the brow henna. Result: a beautiful henna layer on the skin that last for 5-14 days.

Brow Henna aftercare

To ensure that your client enjoys her Henna Brows for as long as possible, you can provide her with the following tips:

• Do not wet the eyebrows for the first 24 hours
• Use as little cleaning products as possible
• Do not apply too many creams to the eyebrows
• Watch out with the sun and suntanning beds. Not only does the color fade faster, sun can also trigger an allergy!

Dyotics Brow Henna Starter Kit

Would you like to try out all the shades of Dyotics Brow Henna? Then order the starter kit for € 129 (individual shades are € 19,95 each). The starter kit consists of:

• Dyotics Brow Henna Honey
• Dyotics Brow Henna Taupe
• Dyotics Brow Henna Hazelnut
• Dyotics Brow Henna Natural Brown
• Dyotics Brow Henna Ash Brown
• Dyotics Brow Henna Raven
• Dyotics Brow Henna Skin Prep Lotion
• Dyotics Brow Henna Tint Remover
• Angled Brush
• Instruction leaf let
• 5x Measuring spoon
• 5x Pipette
• 5x Mixing cup