Brow Mapping Tutorial

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You can get far lovelier henna brows using eyebrow mapping. This is done by tracing a few straight lines first, then applying the henna in between. You can do this using brow mapping thread or cream. Or both. How are these tools used? Let’s explain.

Brow mapping finds its origin in the world of permanent makeup and microblading. It is of great importance with these treatments that the eyebrows are marked with precise symmetry. This is because you are often creating a whole new shape, and the eyebrows will be visible for at least a year. Therefore, highly precise work is needed. Brow mapping helps measure out and draw the perfect eyebrow shape. We use a special eyebrow ruler or mapping thread for pmu, for example. But this is also an ideal tool for the straightest henna brows.

Symmetrical eyebrows

At Mrs.Highbrow, we believe in eyebrow mapping to a certain extent. You can mark two identical eyebrows on someone’s face, but almost nobody is completely symmetrical. Unless your name is Doutzen Kroes or Gigi Hadid. When drawing, you should bear in mind that one eye can be higher or lower, or that the other eye could simply be a fraction larger. Two symmetrical eyebrows would then give a strange impression. In these cases, you have to make the eyebrow a little shorter or set it higher to get the best result. Tracing perfect eyebrows is therefore not only a matter of good measurements but much more with understanding and feeling. A good eyebrow specialist also has a keen eye for this type of detail.

Time is money

As it is so important to get brow mapping exactly right, it also takes some time. The time you do not actually have for applying henna eyebrows, as you do not want to spend hours on this. What’s more, henna eyebrows are not permanent, so it is a bit of a waste to spend too much of your precious time on it. To obtain perfect results without taking up hours, Dyōtics has developed two tools: brow mapping thread, and brow mapping cream. How do these products work, and what is the difference?

Dyōtics Brow Mapping

Dyōtics Brow Mapping Cream

Mapping cream, or paste, is meant for drawing the eyebrow contours. Or even tinting, as the paste is quite thick, and you apply it with a brush. You tint the eyebrows using henna. As the cream is quite thick, the henna stays neatly within the lines and you get ultra-straight eyebrows. Dyōtics Brow Mapping Cream can easily be removed using a cotton pad. Before applying the cream to the skin around the eyebrows, you can mark four or five straight lines using thread. You can do this with Roop Mapping Thread, or you can use the cream. Apply cream to some thread and press it onto the skin. You can read the step-by-step guide below.

Dyōtics Mapping Thread

Roop is ideal for creating straight lines. Henna is then applied between the lines. It is mild on the skin and made from 100% natural ingredients. Including nourishing bamboo extract and charcoal (or activated carbon) that releases the pigment. Tip: wear nitrile gloves, as the thread also stains your hands.

Step by step Brow Mapping

Want to apply brow mapping quickly and efficiently? Follow these 5 steps. You can use Brow Mapping Thread for this. Or brush the Mapping Cream onto a length of thread.

Step 1

Take a close look at your client’s eyebrows. Do they have much in the way of eyebrow and downy hairs? It is important to remember that henna tint and regular tint only work on the hairs that are already there. You cannot, therefore, create a whole new shape using these methods.

Dyotics Brow Mapping Tutorial stappenplan

Step 2

Once you have discussed the customer’s requirements, you start using the mapping string. You mark five straight lines, taking into account the three points of the eyebrow. Namely the start, the arch and the length (the tail) of the eyebrow. The first line you mark is from the start of the eyebrows.

Dyotics Brow Mapping Tutorial stappenplan 2

Step 3

When you have marked the start, you can see exactly where the arch sits. This is generally just above the iris. Draw a straight line to this point. Make sure you don’t drag the line down too far, nor go too far up. Follow the natural line of the brow.

Dyotics Brow Mapping Tutorial stappenplan 3

Step 4

Once the upper line is clearly marked, mark a straight line from the arch to the end. In doing this, ensure that the line runs straight down and takes account of the length of the tail. This is in line with the angle of the eye.

Dyotics Brow Mapping Tutorial stappenplan 4

Step 5

Once you have marked the upper lines, follow with two more below. From the start to the arch. And from the arch to the end. You have now marked all the lines, and you can easily tint the perfect shape in!

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