5x Need to know about pre & aftercare products

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It is very important to use good pre & aftercare products with hair removal. Whether it is about waxing or threading. Fortunately, Mrs.Highbrow has developed various products. And now we answer a number of pressing questions. Because how do you know when you use something?

MRSHIGHBROW Get Set Pre Epilation Gel

1. The difference between all Mrs.Highbrow care products?

To start somewhere, the Get Set Pre Epilation Mousse is to decrease and cleanse the skin after removing any make-up remnants with makeup remover and before waxing or threading. You can also use this delicious mousse during depilation to make the skin extra clean. Moreover, the Oil Lala Miracle Wax can also be used before waxing. The oil, based on sandalwood, provides a protective layer. In this way, the wax will not remain on the skin and every hair will be removed. Should there be a residual wax by accident, then you can also use Oil Lala after waxing. To easily remove any wax residue. Multifunctional!

Mrs Highbrow Oil Lala Miracle Wax Assistant

2. How do you use Mrs.Highbrow Oil Lala Miracle Wax Assistant?

Use this sand-based oil preferably in combination with Mrs.Highbrow’s wax (silver or gold) to ensure a perfect hair removal treatment. Although it is a pre-oil, you still need a different pre-product that cleanses the skin. For example the Get Set Pre Epilation Mousse. Pump twice on a cotton ball and rub it on the skin. Dry well with a tissue so that you do not see a glossy layer. The skin is now sufficiently protected with the oil and at the same time, the hairs are not too greasy to be waxed.

MRSHIGHBROW Cool Down After Epilation Gel lotion

3. When using oil and when using gel after waxing?

You use an oil to remove any wax residue from the skin. Although Mrs.Highbrow’s Wunderwax leaves almost no wax residue, it could be that there is a wax accidentally on a spot where you do not want it. This is then easily removed with an oil such as Wax Away After Epilation Oil. In addition, the Cool Down After Epilation Mousse is really meant to cool the skin after depilation. This mousse – consisting of mint – is wonderfully refreshing and counteracts redness. To conclude, you can use both Wax Away and Cool Down. Finish in that case with Cool Down, so that you take the oil residue from the Wax Away.

Wax away after epilation oil olie waxen waxing mrs Highbrow groothandel wenkbrauwen

4. Can I finish with an oil?

Yes, you can, but only if the treatment is totally done. Have you used an after oil, such as Wax Away or Oil Lala, and will you dye or make up afterwards? Degrease the skin first, otherwise, the dye or makeup will not catch. This can be done with Cool Down After Epilation Mousse for example. But it can also be fine with a pre-wax product because that also works degreasing.

Stay smooth after epilation lotion waxen harsen wax groothandel mrs highbrow

5. The best after epilation tips?

Stay Smooth After Epilation Lotion is a nourishing cream that ensures that hairs stay away longer and the treated skin becomes silky soft. Certainly also recommended if you depilated a larger area or if you have just cooled the skin with the Cool Down Gel.