5x Need to know about henna brows

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Henna brows is the popular treatment of 2019 that cannot be missed on the menu of your salon. However, the treatment does require some dexterity, so we regularly get questions. Here the five most frequently asked questions and answers about brow henna. So that you can perform your treatment even better and more efficiently.

Brow henna aanmaken dyotics supercilum mengen mixen

1. Warm water

Usually, you prepare brow henna with regular water. Sometimes it may occur that the pigments in the henna don’t dissolve immediately. Our tip: mix Dyōtics Brow Henna with hot water. This ensures that the henna dissolves immediately and creates a soft substance. The henna also develops from a smooth substance with a somewhat green tinge to a beautiful brown shade. Therefore you can start your treatment immediately! When you mix the henna with cold water, you have to leave it for about five minutes.

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2. Mix & Match

Brow henna is available in various shades, from blonde to black. You can mix all Dyōtics colors together. So you can do a bit of Raven and mix it with Ash Brown, to make the color just a bit more intense. Or make Taupe a little lighter and warmer with Honey. Just get started and put your own colors together.

Mrs Highbrow Professional Brow Mapping Dyotics supercilium henna brows wenkbrauwen brow

3. Brow Mapping

Brow Mapping is a convenient and easy way to make razor sharp henna brows. But how does it work? With a Brow Mapping Thread, you put clear, straight lines on the skin, giving you a tight brow. So you are actually making four lines: from the top of the eyebrow until the arch, from the arch to the tail and underneath and the same underneath the brow. Within these lines, you apply the henna. Tip: wear nitrile gloves, because the wire gives off a lot of pigment.
Or you can choose for Brow Mapping Cream. This is a cream that you use to draw the contours of the eyebrows. You apply it with a brush. Within the contours, you can work with henna. Because it is a thick cream, the henna stays neatly within the lines. After the application time, remove the cream again with a cotton pad. Easy as that.

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4. Clean the skin well

A frequently asked question is: "Why does the henna not get into the skin?". An important reason is that the skin is not cleaned properly and there is still make-up and grease residue. Therefore, the henna cannot develop properly into the skin, with the result that it quickly fades again. Make sure to clean the skin very well. To do so put some Dyōtics Prep & Clean spray on a cotton pad and clean the skin. Does your customer have a lot of make-up? Then first use a make-up remover. Make sure that the skin is dry when you apply the henna. In addition, even a wet skin is a deal breaker. Tip: Ask your customers to scrub their brows beforehand. The less dead skin cells the better the henna will set in.

Dyotics brow henna mengen water mixen wenkbrauwen hennabrows

5. Prepping the henna

The more fluid the henna is when applying it, the harder it becomes during setting in. This often makes it difficult to remove the henna, which means that you really have to rub it off. To prevent this, make sure the paste is not too thin, nor too thick. In addition, there is more chance of allergies. Because with the less water you mix the powder, the more concentrated the dye is and the higher the percentage of ppd. What is a good substance for brow henna? Think of syrup. The pasta may run a bit of the brush but not too much. Maintain 1 scoop of Dyotics powder and 12 to 15 drops of hot water as a ratio.

11 reasons why the henna may not work out well

1. The skin was still moist from the cleansing lotion when you applied the henna

2. You have applied the henna too thinly; all skin must be covered

3. You have not properly pressed the henna into the skin

4. The customer has very oily skin

5. You only covered the brow hairs and didn't apply it well enough underneath the eyebrows

6. The skin was not cleaned properly; there were still make-up or greasy remnants on it

7. You didn't stick to the full exposure time, so the henna couldn't retract long enough

8. The client has such dense eyebrows that it is difficult to cover all skin under the brows with henna

9. The customer has used water or cleaned her brows within 12 hours after the treatment

10. You have applied a too light shade to a dark skin

11. The customer has almost no brow hairs, brow henna will only set in if there are hairs

Do you want to see how you apply brow henna as nicely as possible? Watch our Dyōtics tutorial on Youtube.